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Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage Montreal
Point P
Ever heard of it? Probably !
Maybe you tried it , lovvved it and want do it again!
Or maybe you are totally unsure about it...

I'm gonna try to keep it short and sweet so you can understand all the fun of it ;)
As a sensuality provider, i love giving the most enjoyable massage possible... so I'm in a continuous conquest of the best experiences for men pleasure...

What is Point P ?

You know the Point G (g-spot) on a women? Hard to find sometimes even for ourselves ...its a mysterious area of ultimate 

gs and related to it.
When stimulating well ( gently and softly) it can you come with an extremely pleasurable feeling!! I have done it many times and not once a gentleman didnt like it... you might be shy or think that pleasure is for others ..but hey Come On!
We have only one life to live and for trying different things!

Tantric Philosophy considers the Point P as the emotional centre. Massaging it release also enormous amounts of emotional and physical stress.... its healing beside extremely pleasurable !
I guarantee prostate massage is a sweet and erotic adventure who will bring you passed the 7th cloud !!

A little 50$ extra to try that fantasy with me!  Mix it with one of my Sensual massage .. please see the Donations section

I hope i made you curious enough to explore that sweet therapy... don't be shy !!

See you soon!
Lola xx